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Learn SAP EWM from best Institutes in Gorakhpur. SAP EWM stands for Extended Warehouse Management. It is a best-of-breed WMS Warehouse Management System product offered by SAP. It was first released in 2007 as a part of SAP SCM meaning Supply Chain Management suite, but in subsequent releases it was offered as a stand alone product. The latest version is EWM 9.4 and it will shortly be released on S4HANA as well. SAP EWM is a WMS, so it deals with all the warehousing scenarios. All warehousing processes including inbound, outbound and internal operations can be handled using this module and it offers excellent integration to other logistic modules such as TM meaning Tranportation Management and LE meaning Logistics Execution component of ECC. Since it is offered as a stand-alone WMS, EWM can also be integrated with non-SAP software, but it’s full potential can be unlocked within a SAP ecosystem.

Some of the Major supporting functionalities of SAP EWM are VAS ( Value added services), Yard Management, Integration with Labor Management, Advanced Pick by Voice, Integration with MFS Material Flow System, Seamless Integration with TM with its TU and YARD management, and EGR Expected Goods Receipt. SAP already had WM (warehouse management ) in its ERP box but to address a large scale advanced complex warehousing operations SAP introduced EWM and another reason is some clients will not prefer SAP ERP for their procurement rather they will have a third party ERP system but they require a Advanced Warehousing Package like SAP EWM in that case EWM can be implemented as a Standalone without SAP ERP .

It gives business firms the ability to mitigate problems and issues with enhanced warehouse efficiency by transforming operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain. SAP EWM also helps the firms in keeping the inventory levels accurate with the use of Physical Inventory functionalities. When it comes to Value Added Services, SAP EWM provides it with good functionality. As SAP EWM can fully integrate with the other modules of SAP), it can be used to forecast the demand in certain seasons. The SAP EWM warehouse monitor gives an accurate inside of the warehouse operation and provides stock and process transparency. It also gives an overview of the movements of the goods and warehouse stocks. This system of SAP also supports in planning, monitoring, and optimizing work processes. An accurate inventory control management is considered as the basis for the successful warehouse functioning which can be achieved by using SAP EWM. This SAP EWM offers flexible and automated support for managing the stocks available in a warehouse and processing their movements.. The below are list of institutes offeres best sap ewm training in Gorakhpur. You will find training centers which offers sap ewm training with placement in Gorakhpur. Leave your details to get the sap ewm course fee details from top 10 sap ewm training institutes in Gorakhpur.
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