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Learn Microsoft App-V from best Institutes in Gorakhpur. Microsoft application virtualization is a virtualization tool allows applications to be deployed to the client from a virtual application server. It removes the need for traditional local installation of applications. and It is application streamingsolution from Microsoft. It was originally developed by Softricity, a company based in Boston, Massachusetts, acquired by Microsoft on July 17, 2006.

App-V represents Microsofts entry to the application virtualization market, alongside their other virtualisation technologies such as Hyper-V, Microsoft User Environment Virtualization (UE-V), Remote Desktop Services, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager.
Microsoft architecture offers three options for the deployment of virtual applications, which affects the architectural components used:
1. A set of servers dedicated to App-V.
2. System Center Configuration Manager integration.
3. Stand-alone mode wherein the application may be delivered via other means.
The implementation of these three deployment options are different when version 5.x or 4.x of App-V is used. Each are described separately.
App-V Application Virtualization mainly comprises two components – the App-V Sequencer and the App-V Client. App-V sequencer is the component which re-packages an application for virtualization and streaming. It analyzes the application for the resources that it requires, supports customization of the applications, and from this creates a package containing the executable components, data files, and registry settings required by the application.

App-V Client component receives virtual application package definitions in several ways. When configured to receive from a Full App-V Infrastructure Server, this occurs automatically on logon, or a timer, and is initiated by the App-V Client.
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