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Learn Linux Cluster from best Institutes in Gorakhpur. Clustering is a process of connecting two or more servers, PCs or UNIX workstations, multiple storage devices, and redundant interconnections in such a way that they act and function like a single high availability system. Clustering is a very popular technic among system engineers because they can cluster servers as a failover system, a load balance system or a parallel processing unit. Afailover cluster is a set of servers that works together to maintain the high availability of applications and services. For an example, when one server fail, another server will take over the load and gives the end user no experience of down time. For this kind of scenario, we need at least 2 or 3 servers to make the proper configurations.
Cluster management is performed by a separate server and it handles two nodes. Cluster management server constantly sends heartbeat signals to both nodes to check whether if anyone is failing. If anyone has failed, the other node takes over the load. Cluster computing can be used for load balancing as well as for high availability.
Cluster computing is used as a relatively low-cost form of parallel processing machine for scientific and other applications that lend themselves to parallel operations. Clusters can offer High performance, Large capacity, High availability and Incremental growth. Clusters are used for Scientific computing, Making movies and Commercial servers(web/database/etc)

The following are the high-level steps involved in configuring Linux cluster on Redhat or CentOS:
1.Install and start RICCI cluster service
2.Create cluster on active node
3.Add a node to cluster
4.Add fencing to cluster
5.Configure failover domain
6.Add resources to cluster
7.Sync cluster configuration across nodes
8.Start the cluster
9.Verify failover by shutting down an active node
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