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Learn CHFI V8 from best Institutes in Gorakhpur. Computer Forensics is generally used to examine digital media in a forensically sound manner with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analysing and presenting facts and opinions about the digital information. It is also used in civil proceedings and it is also associated with the investigation of Computer Crime. These investigations generally follow the standard digital forensics process like acquisition, examination, analysis and reporting. There are a number of techniques that are used to perform this forensics process. They are Cross-drive analysis, Live Analysis, Stochastic forensics, Deleted Files, and Steganography.
This exam generally consists of 150 numbers of questions. The complete test duration is for 4 hours. This test consists of questions in multiple choice formats. The passing score for this exam is 70%. The test can be delivered in three types. They are Prometric Prime / Prometric APTC / VUE. The exam code varies for all these three types. They are Prometric Prime: 312-49, Prometric APTC: EC0-349, VUE: 312-49. The certification will be provided only when students pass the examination.
The main benefit of undertaking this exam is that it enables students to practice various investigation techniques in a real time and simulated environment. The skills developed through this test will lead to successful prosecutions in various types of security incidents such as data breaches, corporate espionage, insider threats and other intricate cases involving computer systems. There are major forensic investigation scenarios that enable students to acquire hands-on experience on various forensic investigation techniques and standard tools necessary to successfully carry-out a computer forensic investigation.
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