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Learn bls certification course from best training institutes in Gorakhpur. Basic Life Support (BLS) refers to the act of supporting an unconscious patients breathing and circulation in order to preserve their life and buy time for professional emergency medical attention. The purpose of BLS is to maintain sufficient blood circulation and breathing through a clear airway. If you are responding to an emergency, having a basic life support certification will assure the patient that you are qualified to help them.

When someone has basic life support certification, it shows that they know how to perform chest compressions that pump blood around the body to keep the tissues and brain supplied with oxygen. While basic life support certification for healthcare providers is required for people in the medical profession, people in other professions may find themselves suddenly in a position where they need to use basic life support. These professions include bus drivers, teachers, babysitters, lifeguards, firefighters, police officers, pharmacists, caregivers, foster parents, physiotherapists and others.

Basic life support promotes adequate blood circulation in addition to breathing through a clear airway. Circulation provides an adequate blood supply to tissue, especially critical organs, so as to deliver oxygen to all cells and remove metabolic waste, via the perfusion of blood throughout the body. Airway provides the protection and maintenance of a clear passageway for gases principally oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass between the lungs and the atmosphere. Breathing provides inflation and deflation of the lungs (respiration) via the airway.

Basic life support certification provides evidence that an individual has undergone basic life support training. Having basic life support certification streamlines communication with other responders in an emergency situation because it tells them what procedures you are, and are not, qualified to perform. BLS Course teaches how to help revive, resuscitate, or sustain a person who is experiencing cardiac arrest or a respiratory failure of some sort. This may include a drowning victim, heart attack or stroke patient, or any emergency scenario where a persons breathing or heartbeat have been compromised.
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